Camp 2017 Wrap Up

Ahh! The enigmatic finkal!

Everyone that was fortunate enough to score themselves a ticket to camp is fully-aware of the importance of regulated consumption of alcohol and adequate sleep.

One eager camp-goer summarised the trip well by describing it as “uniform in beverage, but diverse in exposure”.

A wise Persian man potentially had the most fitting explication with the statement, “it was as loose as a combination of Steve Irwin and Robert Downey Jr pre-rehab”.

For many, it was an educational trip to say the least, and for those who were daring enough to watch the sunrise or perform a resurrection, CSS salutes your determination.

The camp was immortalised by photographs that encapsulate the vitality of the youth, some of which have fostered the development of legends whose tales will never be forgotten.

All attendees were left with a seemingly endless number of Facebook friend requests and, for some, a very prominent singlet tan line.


The Official Commerce Ball 2016 Wrap Up

Did you hear about Nollsie?

“Shannon Noll was robbed in 2003” was a common phrase heard around ball. The infamous  runner-up of 2003 Australian Idol made a bigger impact at Thursday’s Commerce ball than all the pieces of statement jewellery worn combined.

Our own memories of the night are blurry at best, so we asked you guys what you thought about Comm Ball 2016. 

Overall, we heard many of you “had a ball”, which is a good example of how excessive alcohol consumption impedes creativity. Others said you “don’t remember”, and when asked about Shannon Noll, one commented “It’s no coincidence you asked about him second, not first”. 

Other remarks included “I’m glad I got home in an Uber rather than an ambulance this time”, which is behaviour strongly endorsed by the CSS. Others created their own adjective to describe ball: “Nolltastic”, and one colourful ball-goer said  “The chicken was singing Stevie Wonder to me and I kissed an absolute Jackie Pearler” (??)

Some of you found the silent disco, and others still doubt its existence entirely:

“The silent disco is just a CSS conspiracy, it’s not real, just like how Harambe was an inside job”

“My friend found it and said it was the best thing ever” but word is the “friend” claims to have stumbled across it on the way to the toilet, unable to explain the location or provide pictorial evidence.

The talk of the town was undoubtedly Shannon Noll. One sceptic thought “it was just a really good cover band”, but we can assure you that this was 100% the REAL Nollsie, and our word is as safe as a government bond. Puns flowed in: “he knows how to lift an audience”, “I was just a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shop until I met Nollsie at ball”. A few claimed he was “robbed again”. we’re not sure what this means, but we’ll assume this is coming from Australia’s deep-rooted sympathy and internalised frustration for our national hero. 

After the ball is over the dilemma begins: to change the DP or not to change the DP? One must consider the saturation of the facebook feed and the propensity for likes with poor lighting  due to that dusk-in-the-city-backdrop at pres. Some of you did make the decision to go for it, with great success, yet others are opting to wait for the official pics to come out: “I’m hoping the photographers took one of me not being an ass that I can upload, because did you really go to ball if you don’t upload a dp?” 

One switched-on marketing student noted the extreme saturation of the newsfeed and high competition for likes in the days following ball, conceding “I’ll just be posting on Instagram this year”, another saying “I didn’t upload, I’m in the midst of applying for vac jobs so I’m focusing on building my LinkedIn profile rather than wasting time on facebook”. 


So would you do anything differently next year? 


Many vowed to make the 2017 afterparty and retain more dignity in years to come. Someone declared they “should’ve gone back for that sweet nectar”, which is a statement open to your own interpretation.  
When asked to find a picture that summed up the night, we received screenshots of incomprehensible texts, someone dabbing in the shower and a series of homemade high quallity memes. We say this is evidence of the best night of the year for all involved, even our beloved Shannon Noll.