Camp 2017 Wrap Up

Ahh! The enigmatic finkal!

Everyone that was fortunate enough to score themselves a ticket to camp is fully-aware of the importance of regulated consumption of alcohol and adequate sleep.

One eager camp-goer summarised the trip well by describing it as “uniform in beverage, but diverse in exposure”.

A wise Persian man potentially had the most fitting explication with the statement, “it was as loose as a combination of Steve Irwin and Robert Downey Jr pre-rehab”.

For many, it was an educational trip to say the least, and for those who were daring enough to watch the sunrise or perform a resurrection, CSS salutes your determination.

The camp was immortalised by photographs that encapsulate the vitality of the youth, some of which have fostered the development of legends whose tales will never be forgotten.

All attendees were left with a seemingly endless number of Facebook friend requests and, for some, a very prominent singlet tan line.


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